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is a Czech, mid-size company, which has been operating on the Czech market since 1989. It is a leading supplier of products for regeneration and invigoration of the body.

The company was founded by Edwin Ozimek, who through his professional experience in the area of regeneration, physiotherapy and relaxation, is closely tied to the nature of the products supplied onto the market. Many top sports men and women have regenerated under his care and he has trained many excellent massage therapists.   

The company became more widely known in Czech stores with the import of the now popular massage sponge made from Egyptian luffa under the brand name TOM, which is one of the most effective means of fighting cellulite. As interest in our goods grew, we gradually introduced new products and successfully expanded our range of goods. The highly effective and extra strong menthol Refit ICE gel was the pioneer of the Refit line. Thanks to its ability to significantly help in the regeneration of the body, not only following physical exertion, it found a place and favour with many customers. The line was expanded with other products, namely Refit ICE gel with eucalyptus, Refit ICE with tea tree oil, Refit ICE with camphor and methylsalicylate, and, last but not least, REFIT ICE gel with comfrey or Aloe Vera. Exactly ten years after the launch of the first product, REFIT expanded further with the introduction of two new products: REFIT PREMIUM ALOE and REFIT OPODELDOK. Our products have also proved successful with professional sports men and women, as shown by the fact that our representatives used them at the Olympic Games in Sydney, Salt Lake City and Athens, and thus we could have played some small part in their success.

Our aim is to optimise our customers’ enjoyment of an active lifestyle through our products, which bring immediate and long-term relief or invigoration.