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REFIT ICE GEL Comfrey and Chestnut
REFIT ICE GEL Comfrey and Chestnut

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- simple application   

- immediate effect 

- excellent results   

- quick absorption   

- no oily film  

- fresh fragrance 

- long-term pleasant feeling of invigoration    

- aromatherapeutic effects
Strong cooling      
Slightly cooling                                                                                           
Gel with an intense cooling effect

The combination of two exceptional herbs gives this gel truly amazing properties.
While chestnut has strong anti-inflammatory properties and inhibits and eliminates swelling, comfrey has for decades been used for its exceptional healing properties.

This gel has become one of your favourite products, not just for its pleasant chestnut fragrance.

Also try this gel after suffering fractures.

Comfrey and Chestnut

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